Paeans - and Aches

over the years

Saturday, December 12, 1998


a hundred words. (my art director... "more than hundred, and it won't fit into the layout.") ...i'm paid to do that. write on demand, just so much, no more, whether or not i want to. which is why all i saw of noon was through the toilet window. i stared absently at the road, rain dampened, sun-warmed. once mills district, now office towers. cars. ties and filofaxes. cellphones. i’d rather be on a beach. or in the mountains... in my head, a noon siren went off. “new ad by lunch? cool. no sweat.” ah well. ah bloody well.

Published online long, long ago in The Noon Quilt, a trAce collaboration. The brief, as far as i recollect, was to look out of your window at noon, wherever in the world you were, and write up to a hundred words about what you saw. The editors then selected contributions which were worked into a virtual quilt. My "patch" in Quilt 1, row 2, column 4, top left - or cheat. A smaller selection from the online Noon Quilt were also pubished in book form somewhere at the very end of the last century, and this contribution made it in.