Paeans - and Aches

over the years

Saturday, February 14, 2004

The Literary Valentine

If you will be my Valentine,
i could be your Frankenstein
(yes, i know that it really should be
Dr F’s monster, but us would-be

Poets take liberties all the time
When we struggle to find a rhyme)
Or perhaps this poem could be the better for
A different literary metaphor.

Hm, let’s see, Juliet and Romeo
Ended with way too much gore.
Like too many that i can recall,
It ended with death for one and all.

Could fairy tales provide some laughter
before the inevitable happily ever after?
Beauty and the Beast? Now there’s a thought.
For one, it doesn’t end in nought.

And, because of the way i look,
There’s no chance of offence being took
About who’s the Beast and who’s the Cutie.
Yes, perhaps the tale can be pressed into duty—

But in this age it would never do
To have a lead character who
Abducts the girl, as the Beast, forsooth,
Did. That would be most uncouth.

Alas, this poem is doomed, i think,
A waste of (what’s the cyber version of ink?)
Much better just to give up and say:
Come read with me this Valentine’s Day.