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Monday, February 14, 2005

Why i didn’t write you a Valentine

i—who can churn out doggerel
at the least excuse—
sit here bargaining with hell
for words that will amuse

you, hold you, keep you,
not make you run.
Light words, singing true,
hiding, underneath the fun,

what i really want to say
but don’t, even though
it’s that day today,
when it’s okay to go

a little goofy, a bit
romantic, and lose
the acquired habit
of reserve, the ruse

i’ve learned of the stiff
upper lip, no matter what.
And i wonder what if
i let go, and, caught

in the moment, told
you in so many words,
that it’s a cold
world, with no birds

singing, no laughter
when you’re not around;
that this word crafter
hates the sounds

of a world without
you in it, and that it,
beyond a doubt,
isn’t a Bad Habit

to want you near,
to hear your voice
in the night, dear
one, that it’s nice

(to understate it a bit)
to look into your eyes
late into the night, and it’s
even nicer to rise

in the morning to the bliss
of those eyes before me.
And if i were to say all this
Would you then abhor me,

run away from those words?
It’s that fear that makes me say,
Today, i have no words,
i have nothing to say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont get it. you're the one of the best bloggers i've read and NO comments? Do you delete them?

- Feiulle

15/4/05 16:25  
Anonymous P.G. said...

Thank ye kindly.

No, I don't delete them. But this is an 'unlisted' blog. Very few people have the URL. Aside from them, it's chance visitors like you.

And how did you find your way here?

16/4/05 21:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, I dont remember the trail, but it was a twisted one on a particularly torturous night. I do remember that the link was to your rediff blog though. Your Paeans on Aches soothed - I have never found so much so relevant all under one sky. Thank you (and of course, please sir, may I have some more?)

- Feuille

28/4/05 11:28  

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