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Saturday, June 25, 2005


All I saw of you was:
an airport
(I do so prefer a train)
and a hospital
(and, believe it or don’t, hospitality)
and a bureaucrat’s room
(power and history in the dark wood)
and a bridge in the distance
(the new one, not the bridge)
and a tram
(from the outside)
and old buildings
(from the outside)
and a coffee shop in a posh hotel
(alas, not from the outside).
Next time, Calcutta
(next time).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Relish your writing. You're Peter I think?

5/7/05 00:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear Zz...its great to see u posting prolifically again!!
after long long long
the city has so much soul...ak

12/7/05 19:01  
Anonymous jane said...

Next time, Calcutta.
(Next time).

11/6/06 15:36  
Blogger zigzackly said...

Now. Why didn't I thik of that? Thanks Jane. Will do.

19/6/06 12:23  

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