Paeans - and Aches

over the years

Saturday, April 08, 2006

An SMS Poem

(: but not in SMSese :)

People saved love-letters, once;
mementoes, tied up with a ribbon
or a shoe-lace.
Souvenirs for solitary moments,
opened, smiled at, re-bound.
Or, more often, forgotten,
to be found 27 years later
when spring-cleaning.

I held your words too,
in their 160-character slices,
abbreviated, condensed, concentrated.
I held them close, took them everywhere—
added more, agonising over which one to delete,
because the phone card could take no more—
took them out to read
in strange, lonely places,
in crowded parties and busses,
in moments of joy
and sadness,
recalling special moments,
admissions made hurriedly.

I held your words next to me,
possessively, desperately
(one can’t be parted
from one’s phone these days,
which makes a good alibi),
unable to let go.

I guess I knew
I’d accepted that you
wouldn’t be coming back
when I deleted them.