Paeans - and Aches

over the years

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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I have never asked anyone about you
But today,
three years
five months
and fifteen days
(but who’s counting)
on an impulse,
because I was shirking work,
because I needed a break after reading 35 bad CVs,
because I saw a blog post about a guy who’d done the same thing,
because I’d never done it myself,
I asked Google whether it knew you.

You’re in another country now
(you were always a rolling stone),
your CV's much expanded,
you’ve worked there a while,
you did a course
(yay for you! I knew you’d do it eventually)
you had to drop out, though, because you were broke,
(and I was sorry to see that)
you are—or were–searching for a job...

But there’s no indication of whether
you’re still with him (your name is still the same)
or if you’ve changed your mind about having kids.
No word about whether you’re happy
Or if you ever—

                do you ever
                do you never
                do you ever

                             —Search for me.