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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Green and Orange and Blue

Nonsense verse that will only make sense to Gtalk and Gmail users. :)

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Every little while
the dot is seen
to turn to green—
and I, I turn too,
to a brighter hue,
and type out a smile.

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But then, but then,
it fades, that glow,
and as we all know,
nothing rhymes with orange.

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Anonymous Ph said...

Absolutely delightful. Am tempted to write some silly verse myself. As opposed to the tripe I have been accused of indulging in. :)

7/10/06 21:46  
Blogger J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Out on the range
In my old grange
I find it strange
That sometimes
Nothing rhymes
With orange

8/10/06 12:57  
Blogger ratna rajaiah said...

Superb....actually, please "teach me some words" so that i don't repeat myself commenting on your poems!

10/5/07 13:24  

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