Paeans - and Aches

over the years

Sunday, October 22, 2006


They look the same to me,
these outlines grown familiar,
wild, immature, raw,
many dreams ahead;
until I see them juxtaposed
with .. kids .. or so they seem ..
though, God knows,
they’ve seen at least twenty summers.
Weren't we that age a minute ago?

But here were are,
miles more forehead,
and more grey hair,
(and more tints!)
not a sharp jaw-line amongst us,
no taut bellies,
no unlined skin,
a knee pops here,
and there, cholesterol counts are compared,
and over by the window
someone holds up up a piece of paper
and then—
that betrayal
of lenses less flexible—
shifts it to a more comfortable focal length.

So here we are
Still making world domination plans,
though often, next weekend is paradise enough.

Jeeze. Is this it, then?
Are we .. middle-aged?


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