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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Elegy that could have been for me

Last year, it was you
who slipped away, you
who left friends stunned;
that one so young,
so warm, so bright,
was simply not there,
never would be there..
It wasn't fair,
it wasn't right.

This year, I should,
with as little warning,
have gone too;
a less luminous act
—don't smile, you,
you know it's true—
but, in fact,
as I was lucky to discover,
more loved, more
than I ever dreamed I could be.

I sit here, now, and wonder,
if it had been the other way,
if, that day,
you'd pulled through,
and, on that other day,
I'd slipped under
—for, really, it was that close
for both of us—
knowing each other
as fleetingly as we did
(two conversations,
four cigarettes, a light,
and the Italian dessert
you insisted I try),
if you had lived and I had died
would you have cried?

Know what? I think you,
you would have.
That's why
knowing each other
as fleetingly
as we did, I,
though it's been a year and some
since you slipped away,
mourn for you today.


Blogger Arunima said...


Some people always stay in our mind no matter what

6/10/08 16:22  
Blogger Aayushi Mehta said...

I love this!

19/8/10 19:38  

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