Paeans - and Aches

over the years

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Let us then render unto religion what it has lost
Let us agree that the earth was made in seven days
That winged humaniform creatures act as emissaries
That woman was made from a man's rib
Let us accept that the rules were personally carved on stone by Himself
Let us reject the notion of a round planet
Let the sun, the moon and the universe revolve around us again
And let us also reject anaesthesia and all surgery barring interspecies skull transplants
Let us endorse the idea that many hands make gods work
And that conception can be divine, or through several divinities in succession
Once more, let us buy our brides and burn them when their husbands die and they are of no use
Or maybe let us just discard them, leave them to the company of others now also useless, in a town by a river
And yes, let us not forget to cover them in modesty when they live, lest they be coveted like our other goods
Let us not produce the images of what the divine has created
And also his prophets
Let us not question, let us not offend
Let us just kill each other
In defence of imaginary friends

Amen. Tathastu. Ameen.

For Charlie Hebdo, for Perumal Murugan